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September 17 2017

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21st Century Macgyver

"Juokse = Run (as in a command), Juoksennella = to run around aimlessly. Juoksentelisin = I would run around aimlessly (-isin means that we're talking about "I" here, and it also includes the "would" in the -tel- part combined with the -isin.) ((it would be "juoksentelen" if the person was doing it right now)) Juoksentelisinko = Would I run around aimlessly? (-ko signifies that the person is not sure and asks a question, "Would I?" Juoksentelisinkohan = I wonder if I should run around aimlessly? (it looks unreal that a simple -han could add this much stuff but yeah, it does. The word can also mean "I wonder if I WOULD run around aimlessly?") In a same fashion you can say, for example, "rakentelisinkohan?". (Rakentaa = to build. Rakentelisinkohan = I wonder if I should/would build (something) randomly/aimlessly?" And that's Finnish for you. Don't ask how native Finns learn that shit, I'm not even sure myself."
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September 06 2017

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August 27 2017

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August 21 2017

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August 20 2017

August 15 2017

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August 14 2017

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Avocado art Daniele Barresi
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